Diabetes DOST

About Package

Specially curated annual package with comprehensive tests to monitor and improve your blood sugar levels

What includes

  • 12 month diabetes management program
  • Ensures improved sugar levels
  • Comprehensive monitoring to prevent complications
  • AI-based customized reports for patients and doctors
  • Quarterly specialized tests to monitor sugar level
  • Timely reminders for your tests
  • Value-added services from Partners
  • Pictorial, colour-coded report with diet tips and follow-up requirements
  • Blood sample collection from home is available

Program Details
Visit 1 – During subscription for the program
Visit 2 – After 3 months from the first visit
Visit 3 – After 6 months from the first visit
Visit 4 – After 9 months from the first visit

Price: INR 4500.00

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